Snowy Owl School House

Centers on Developing the Whole Child…

The Head, The Heart, and the Hands

Snowy Owl School House provides a bridge between home and school by helping children gain academic achievement and social development through perspective, reflective, and intuitive skill-building in a Waldorf-inspired environment.

Our full-time day care curriculum is a holistic mix of educational activities, including academic skills building, creative play, and social development. We incorporate the Waldorf principles in all of our teachings, providing students with the foundation to grow into well-rounded, fully integrated individuals.

Each activity focuses on a different aspect of the self, so that children will gain a deeper understanding of themselves and of the people around them. Our school is filled with passionate educators and staff who will guide and motivate young minds to excel.

Cognitive Development

Childhood is a time of wonder and exploration. It is up to us to nurture that curiosity and allow them to learn and explore in a safe, inclusive environment. We teach math and languages in a way that accommodates the different strengths and weaknesses of our students through interactive, engaging lessons.

Social and Emotional Growth

Our school gives children plenty of time to interact, play, and learn with others in their class. We teach emotional wellness and empathy, encouraging children to be honest, giving, and perceptive of the feelings of others. We have group activities that will teach children to cooperate with one another and to foster happy, healthy friendships.

Physical Development

We care about the physical health of your children and include plenty of active play in our child care curriculum. We encourage children to play outdoors and to get plenty of exercise through structured games and activities.

We also push children to explore their artistic and creative side by including activities like drawing, sculpting, and crafts. This develops their fine motor skills and gives them a chance to express themselves fully. Our school is here to help your children grow into healthy, well-rounded individuals – head, heart, and hands.

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Initiative Skill Building; Awakening the Senses
through stretching exercises & imaginative play

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BabyBallet & Yoga

Vitality Skill Building
through enhancing gross motor skills

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Vitality Skill Building through coordination
development and proper muscle memory

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Perceptive Skill Building through
Letter & Sound Recognition & Handwriting

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Perceptive Skill Building through
Sign Language, Counting & Math Components

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Nursery Rhyme Memorization
& Speech Building through Song

kid puppet playing


Reflective Skill Building
through Sensory Basic Activities

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Dress-up for Dramatic Play
& Social Skill Building

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Intuitive Skill Building
(Teaching Emotional Wellness & Empathy)

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Offering 3 Well Balanced
Meals & Snacks per day
(Promoting Healthy Food Introduction)

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Nap Time to Classical Music

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Insightful Skill-Building

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Insightful Skill-Building through Crafts,
Sculpting, Pottery, & Painting

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Outdoor Play

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Elemental Music
Basics with Drums