Among the first Waldorf-inspired full-time daycares in Utah

Bountiful Full-Time Day Care Center

Welcome to the Snowy Owl School House!

We believe that every child should be given the chance to spread their wings , to explore the wonders of the world around them. As the first Waldorf-inspired daycare in Bountiful, we strive to cultivate children’s natural curiosity and desire to learn. We have a holistic vision, promoting social and academic growth through creative play and intuitive skills building. We introduce children to new experiences, developing their head, heart, and hands. While academics and intellectual stimulation is a crucial part of our curriculum, we also put an emphasis on the power of artistic development, social skills, and emotional growth.

We teach all our students to be intuitive problem solvers. We encourage them to ask questions and to experiment so that they can gain a deeper understanding of the course materials. We offer avenues for artistic expression, providing hands-on activities both indoors and outdoors. We want our students to have a passion for learning, nurturing their unique talents and gifts. Your child will enjoy a range of fun, educational activities that caters to their social and emotional well-being. The Snowy Owl School House students are imaginative, critical, and emphathetic. We pride ourselves in providing children with an inclusive, welcoming environment where they can be themselves and make new friends.

Learning should not be confined within the walls of a classroom – children should be allowed to play outside and to connect with their environment and to build stronger relationships with their peers and elders. We are committed to helping each child realize their full potential. Call us or schedule a visit so you can tour our facilities. We are the Bountiful full-time daycare you can trust.

Why Choose Us


We love what we do

Our teachers are passionate about teaching children while having fun.

Full commitment

Snowy Owl School is committed to your children’s health, their mental, physical and social well being.

Excellence is priority

No cutting corners at Snowy Owl School House. We pay attention to the smallest details.

Find ways to have fun

Our kids are engaged in various structured activities.

About Our School


Who we are

Snowy Owl School House is a state-licensed full-time daycare located in Bountiful that creates a bridge between home and school by providing academic and social development through perceptive, reflective, and intuitive skill building in a Waldorf-inspired environment.

How to reach us

Reserve your spot today for our dynamic program! Schedule your complimentary tour today! You can reach Stacey Nerdin owner/director at   801-656-7982 Or email [email protected]

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